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Giving Children small necessities that make a HUGE IMPACT!

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Our mission is to educate,empower, and encourage children, families, and the community. As we raise awareness for childhood trauma, neglected, homeless, and foster children.

July 20, 2017

A Fostered Child Organization 

Hello A Fostered Child Organization,                          We want to thank you again for your contribution, and partnering with us. 

What a wonderful ministry you have. We were able to bless 3 families that actively attend the church. They were all very thankful! Blessings,

Pastor Kirk.

Pastor Kirk Kirkland
Local Church

January 21, 2020

A Fostered Child Organization helped my students with much needed winter hats and gloves. In the community that I work in, it is not uncommon for students to not have the proper clothing in the winter. AFCO personally came to my class and brought every student items! Their faces lit up when they got them- in fact a hat and gloves was something one of my students shared that he hope he got for Christmas. 

From the bottom of my heart, I am truly grateful that you came and helped my students. Thank you so much for all you do in the community!❤

Stacy Jones
School Teacher

January 24,2020

AFCO goes out into the community to serve and provided needed items to children and their families.

Jess Bowman

November 10, 2019

AFCO is doing phenomenal work in the community . Please take time to make a difference today. Who has sons out there? 

The thought of them being separated from family and placed with a foster family is frightening. Especially with the typical challenges they already face. 

The challenge to clothe and feed these young men is a greater challenge. As Keshia explained there is a great lack. Can you imagine what this does to their spirit when donations are being given but it’s nothing there for them . Painful! We are the village. Don’t stand silent. 

Lakisha Walker-Best
Best Childcare LLC

About Us

Keshia Tucker


Our Founder/CEO Keshia Tucker grew up a Ward of the State. Once age out of Foster Care, then Independent Living, she realized the serverity of her circumstances, and the traumatic affect that these events had on her life. 

After coming to terms with being an adult, her purpose was to make positive impressions in the lives of children that needed her most, she did this by standing in the gap for her family when they needed someone to attend court, visitations, etc.... 

Keshia had been well on her journey for over 18 years, and in 2016 decided to take the mission of helping children and families to the next level.   A Fostered Child Organization™  was a step closer to her calling to fulfill, not only to help her family, but  there were plans to help many others.


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